ALL humans are born good.

ALL humans are born good.

ALL humans are born good.

Humans are GOOD.

There is no human who is born and innately evil. We are born innocent and of only pure intentions. But as we are exposed to the real world as we grow older, reality sets in. As time goes by, we are driven towards different life situations and circumstances. It may be good, but it can also be bad. Most of the time, bad situations are our true temptations. Temptations to be bad and make us do bad things. But in every temptation, our will is always tested.

We always have a choice. It is our decision to choose and therefore there is no one to blame but ourselves when things don't go our way. Humans are good. It is the situation that we are in that drives us mad and make us do bad. But a strong will and a calm mind can only be our strongest armor to remain good despite any circumstances.

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