What The Little Prince Want To Teach Us About Life, Adulthood, and Time

Happiness; Adulthood; Time

What The Little Prince Want To Teach Us About Life, Adulthood, and Time

Childhood is a part of our life when we ask to many questions. There are so many things we do not understand. We always try to find meaning to everything. But sometimes, even adults can't explain and make us understand why and how.

But as we grow older, we get different perspectives of life. From simple to complex. From narrow to broad. Finding meaning to life begin to start evolving merely on survival and no longer on what would make us happy.

Our curiosity involves how we can achieve the greatest, leading to a never ending quest of setting and achieving a goal.

But when we get that goal, what's next? We become the center of everything. We forget that we live not only for ourselves. We didn't notice that in our journey we miss what's really important. We forget how to be really happy. We become lost and we start to feel empty. And then all the achievements becomes useless. It doesn't seem to make sense.

Time is our forever adversary. Once we are lost to it, we can never win back against it. We can't go back and undo what we had done. We can only learn from it.

Time is constantly moving forward, and so should we. Carpe diem. We need to seize what's in front of us, living at the moment and making the best out of it.

Thinking and planning for the future is what is expected of us but we should not forget how to live. We should never forget how to have life in pursuit of true happiness. 

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