About Us

What you do may not necessarily be good, but it has to be right. The decision you make maybe wise but has to be fair. Nothing is permanent, adapt and stay resilient.

Life is always a matter of choice. It is what you make it.

This website is created in the aim of providing a companion to those who long for a company to listen and give support. Most of us cannot openly discuss things easily upfront for most lack confidence and trust. Some look for advice and wisdom. Some are in search for guidance and motivation. Some are just lost and in seek for the right direction. Some just need acknowledgement and recognition. Some just needs someone to talk to and share life with. Lifechained is here. We can be your friend. We can be your confidante. We can be your advisor. We can be anybody when you need us. We are here to listen to your life stories, your inspirations, your sentiments, your success. We are here to share with your pain and happiness. 


If you have any stories, suggestions, questions, concerns, or comments, you may contact us at lifechainedstories@gmail.com or you may visit us on  our FB page – https://m.facebook.com/108553844280035 

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