Humility in SUCCESS

Humility in SUCCESSHumility in SUCCESS

Humility in SUCCESS

The higher success takes us, the more grounded we should be.

There is no one who doesn't dreamed of being successful and fulfilled in life. We all work hard and strive to achieve our life goals. This is the way of our survival.

So as we face challenges, we become stronger and wiser. But sometimes as we are gearing towards our goal, we become overwhelmed with success. And then, the feeling of fulfillment, as if we are victorious with life, slowly gets in our head. This is where conflicts arise.

Remember that success is self-made but can never be achieved alone. Nobody had reached the top without starting the first step down low. There is never an instant success. We will never even survive alone in our lifetime. God send us the people we meet because they play an important role in our life. Be it our family, relatives, friends, colleagues, or even that beggar you come across the street. Everybody has a meaning of existence and we are all intertwined together. You may not know the true purpose or reason why such people exists in our lives, but there will come a time that you will realize what role they play eventually.

Even how successful we become, we should be reminded of the people who helped us, supported us, inspired and motivated us. Let us not be too proud and think that we are greater than anybody. We are not perfect and there are things that we don't know and we can't do. Being successful doesn't give us the power and right to undermine nor belittle anybody.

Success is worthless if you lost everything and everyone because you are too proud to think you are the best and you can survive alone. Would you still feel great, when after all, you are the biggest loser for losing everything and everyone who have been the main reason of your success? Stay grounded and be gratified. Never forget to look back and appreciate even the littlest thing you have.

Let us be like the tree staying grounded even how high it can be. Like the bamboo, the higher it grows, the lower it bows. The higher we soar, the more painful it is when we fall. But if there are cushions to catch us like our loved ones, family and friends, we won't even feel anything at all. Our descent will be as bearable you wouldn't even notice it.

So let us not forget where and how we all started. Look back and stay grounded because humility makes us greater and being too proud only makes us the biggest loser.

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