Live or Leave? Finding our Life's Purpose.

Live or Leave? Finding our Life's Purpose.

Live or Leave? Finding our Life's Purpose.

Why do we choose to live? What is our life's purpose? These are the question we frequently ask ourselves.

When we were born, we did not choose to live. Our parents did. It was God's gift to them and their decision to give us life and bring us to this world.

In our early years, we depend onolder people around us, our parents, guardians, and grandparents to some. We were taught and molded. We base our decisions on what they want for us.

But as we grow older, as we fight obstacles and conquer challenges, we mature and eventually ask ourselves, what is my purpose of living? Why do I need to survive?

As we mature, we come to realize what we really want and start to lead life towards finding meaning to life. Sounds easy, right? But it is not. Why? Because finding our life's meaning also comes to finding our own happiness. And reality says it is a long journey.

Now, sometimes it seems easier to just give up and leave the life before us. But as we look back to the people we are going to leave behind, it becomes hard to let go. Why? Because we suddenly becomes consciously aware of our purpose for staying and living.

People do not live only to die. We strive, persevere and work hard. We live and we choose to live not because of the success we achieved or the luxuries and famous life we are living. This sometimes confuses us. We have to remember that finding our life's purpose is also finding our true happiness and fulfillment.

Sometimes, we become successful and we seem to achieve all we want in life and yet we feel empty and lonely. Why? Because everything lacks meaning and purpose. We tend to forget why we worked hard to achieve it, why we chose to live that kind of life in the first place. Everything we do is all because of the people we love. It is them who give us the very meaning to our life's purpose.

So no matter how hard and difficult life can be, lets us not falter. Let us always choose to live for the people we love and care deeply. Continue living life to the fullest, finding happiness and fulfilling our very reason of existence.


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