Losing in Anger. Winning in Calmness

Losing in Anger. Winning in Calmness

Losing in Anger. Winning in Calmness

When one is mad, he knows nothing, hears nothing and thinks of nothing but only of himself. All he know is how unfair life is. The only color he sees is black and white. He doesn't listen to reasons or excuses. He is right and he is proud.

But, will it be ok for someone to stay mad? When we are furious, people around us will keep their distance. We tend to pull back and keep people away. In the end, we become resentful and hatred will fill our hearts.

We, humans are the most blessed being, the brightest and powerful creatures God had ever created. Being in capable of having control of ourselve, we have the total control of how we feel and how we see things. It is only how we perceive things that makes the difference.

When things do not go our way as we expect it, let us not anger takeover. Step back, calm down and you will start to see things clearly. Keep an open mind and soon you will begin to understand. It will only then that you will realise how things are slowly making sense and it becomes clearer what are the things that matters more to you.

So whenever you get mad, learn to calm yourself, breath deep and think clear. Do not let anger takeover you. Life is beautiful. Fill your mind with things that brings you happiness and soon you will be reminded what really matters more and makes your life more meaningful than your anger.


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