Strength Amidst Life's Darkness

Strength Amidst Life's Darkness

Strength Amidst Life's Darkness

How can we be strong when our life seems shattered and we are so broken?? Here is the real-life story of Dianne.

Hi Lifechained,

Please call me Dianne. I saw and read your post through Facebook. Lifechained made me feel like I have found comfort and reassurance.

My parents are both frontliners. My father is a janitor in a public hospital and my mother is a barangay official and volunteer.

Bilang panganay sa magkakapatid, ako ang nag-aalaga sa dalawang nakababatang kapatid ko sa tuwing wala yung mga magulang namin. I have a 12-year old brother and an 8-year old sister.

To be honest, simple lang ang buhay namin, hindi kami mayaman. We are actually poor. Ni hindi ako nakatuntong ng college. I only graduated high school.

We are only renting the house where we live. This making it really hard for us. We are barely surviving.

Im my eagerness to help my parents, I decided to work as a part time cashier in a nearby carinderia in our neighborhood. Sa umpisa, mahirap pero nung tumagal, nasanay na din ako.

Hanggang isang araw, tila sadyang lubhang sinusubok ng tadhana ang tatag ng aming pamilya. What we most feared, being the most devastating part of our lives, happened.

My father tested positive from Covid-19 virus.

He was quarantined and confined in the same hospital where he worked. He was already old and weak resulting him to suffer more. After 5 days of suffering and fighting the virus, my father died. We did not even had the chance to be with him in his final moment. Parang gumuho yun mundo namin.

In the midst of our grief from losing my father, my mother got sick. At that moment I begin to question God. Why is this happening to us? Both of my parents were public servants. Wala kami inargabyado na kahit na sino. I just do not understand.

After losing my father, my mother got sick. I have two siblings to look after, how can I survive this? I am totally and completely lost. Haven't we suffered enough already?

Sometimes I was thinking of putting an end to everything by ending my own life. However, reality bites me. I came to my senses and realized that my family needs me now more than ever.

Please help me find the light in what seems to me like my never-ending life's darkness.

Lifechained answers.

Life is truly what we make it. However, it is how we think or do that make all the difference. Truly, there are things we do not understand. Things not clear to us why it happened and how they happen. Gustuhin man natin o hindi, lahat ay nangyayari nang may dahilan. Kaya naman, wala tayong magagawa kundi maging matatag, manalig at magtiwala na lahat ay ating malalampasan.

Let the hardships and failures that we face become our strength and teacher. Let it be our reason to continuously choose life and live in spite of everything. Because somehow, there are people who depend on us. People to whom we are their light and hope. People like our loved one and family.

Let us not let our hardships and failures get into our hearts. Cast it to God through prayer. Surrender and your burden shall be lighter. Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you.

Nothing lasts forever, even our suffering. Suffering is only temporary just like the rain. The sun will rise and shine again and so should we. We just have to be strong and keep our faith.

Dianne, life can be hard on you now but never lose hope. Pray and talk intimately with God. Be strong not only for your mother or your brother and sister, but most importantly for yourself.

Like a flower who can't bloom if it does not get the courage to face the wind and stand the rain, you need to keep on living with strong faith and full of hope.

According to Romans 5:3-5, "Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering teaches us to persevere and be patient. With patience, we develop our character, we become strong. With strength, our heart will be filled with hope and faith. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us".

Be strong, Dianne. As you said, your family needs you. Fight and live for them. Hope and have faith. You can make it trough. The sun will shine on you again and soon everything will be alright.


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